Save The Lake Campaign

Background: While we have wonderful momentum starting with $400K for the Design Phase, the rest of the money to replace the dam, repair the south wall, and remove silt is not guaranteed. We have incredible support from Senator Mike Regan, and a $2.4M line item in the Capital Budget. It’s important to note that even if the budget passes this SUMMER, the next crucial step is to ensure the money is ‘appropriated’. There is NO money in the Capital Budget line item to address habitat, and construction phase (possibly Winter 2018/2019) will adversely affect our habitat. By actively hosting activities and fundraisers via key stakeholders and community clubs, and applying for grants, we can continue to keep Boiling Springs in the spotlight, and raise funds that may be needed for the dam replacement, or could improve the lake while the dam is being replaced.  Areas for improvement:  1) Silt removal—very costly, possibly $400K, and time-consuming due to permits for where to put the silt. The last silt removal was 1995.  2) Habitat and Cover-- great opportunity to fix an invasive grass. add structure. 3) Storm drains directly entering the lake, a source of the silt 4) aerators (oxygen poor water). 5) Wildlife — from fish to ducks and geese. 6) Other communities have added a wheelchair accessible pier.

Fishing Derby