Boiling Springs has long been cherished by those who have chosen to live or work here.  Whether one’s family has called the village home for generations or is newcomer to the area, all who live here have been captivated by its history and charm.

At the turn of the 21st century, a small group of village residents decided to add action to their love of the village, seeking innovative ways to promote and enhance the best that Boiling Springs has to offer while at the same time ensuring that its unique character was preserved for future generations to enjoy.  Mary Ann Taylor, Jim Barnes, P.J. Heyman, Tony DeLuca, Richard Tritt, Rick Reighard, and Molly Garman, today affectionately known as Boiling Spring’s own “Village People,” with the Boiling Springs Civic Association, tirelessly worked to galvanize community support and investment that ultimately led to the Boiling Springs Livable Community Plan in 2009.  Over the past decade, the Plan has guided South Middleton Township in a number of policy initiatives, as well as provided necessary direction to many reinvestment, preservation, and beautification programs.

The BS Villager Group

What began as a small group of dedicated, and civic-minded volunteers, has evolved into a larger, community-wide consortium of residents, area business owners, non-profits, government officials, and others who come together regularily to discuss and plan for Boiling Springs future. Duff Manweiler and Cory Adams became integral partners for this group and started many of Boiling Springs' improvement projects.

We are a collaborative and dedicated group that partners with other community organizations to work together toward a common goal to make Boiling Springs a better place and keep members of the community informed on village history, local projects, and events. The Village of Boiling Springs is in the jurisdiction of South Middleton Township and works closely with the Township; however, this group is a separate entity and does not directly fall under Township management.

The BS Villager Group is currently working under these focus groups:

Habitat Group

This group focuses on all aspects of nature and wildlife in and around Boiling Springs. We have a bluebird trail club that works to maintain all the bluebird homes along the trails in the parks. All bluebird homes are donated and volunteers from the club clean and inspect these homes. This group also has a program to help save the monarch butterflies. The program is designed to help residents learn how they can provide a safe environment for the butterflies in their own backyards, as well as providing gardens for them in our parks. Additionally, this group is always looking for ways and ideas to enhance waterfowl and wildlife at Children’s Lake, provide nesting boxes and homes in the Wittlinger Nature Preserve, and helping bats, purple martins, meadowlarks, and other birds that live in our parks. If you love nature and wildlife, we would love to have you join our group!

Gateway Group

The goal of this group is to study all gateways or entrances into the Village of Boiling Springs. We work collaboratively with the Township on ways to enhance the appearance and overall “first impression” each gateway gives as you enter the village. The group is currently exploring options to revamp the gateways by adding signage, plantings, and new traffic patterns to improve the aesthetics of the village.

 Historical Group     

Boiling Springs was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in December 1984. The Historical Group works closely with the Cumberland County Historical Society to preserve and maintain the village’s charm and historic significance; as well as, educate the public on its history.