Anything That Floats

Our Approach

Who We Are

We are a grass roots, community advocacy effort to coordinate awareness and fundraising efforts to Save the Lake--1) replace the dam and 2) improve the lake. We need volunteers to help with fundraising, event planning, and advocacy. We need you! Join us!

Our Story

Save The Lake Campaign

Jorie Hanson and Liz Knouse are leading a complementary effort called Save the Lake Campaign--a grass roots advocacy effort for dam replacement and lake improvement.  Our first meeting was 10 May 2017, and since then we have had a Save the Lake float at Memorial Day Parade, kids with impromptu lemonade stands, booths during Foundry Day, AT MusicFest, and an Anything That Floats boat.  We work with SM Township, PA Fish and Boat Commission, the Know BS Group, and many local community clubs and stakeholders.  Current fundraisers:  Save the Lake lawn signs, T-Shirts and a Gerald Putt time-limited edition print (until 11 Nov).  You can get yours at Village Artisans, TCO Outdoors and The Salvaged Market (Mt. Holly). We promote activities, raise awareness and monies for the lake, gather an army of volunteers, and maintain momentum.  Let’s ‘Save the Lake' AND improve it.